Academic Master in
Creative Knitwear Design

Accademia Costume & Moda and Modateca Deanna have developed together a truly innovative and unique educational project. The program is aimed to young designers and professionals who wish to pursue a more specialized career. The course’s approach is both highly creative and practical and intends to reduce the existing gap between the creativity and the technical aspects of the manufacturing process.

Contatc Us:



• To develop personal knowledge and creative skills within the fashion knitwear subject.

• To follow the development of a comprehensive knitwear project from concept to raw materials production and garment manufacturing, from start to finish.

• To respond to the individual need of each student with the aim of locating a personal style.

CKD MASTER final (2)

& Heritage

The course structure places great emphasis on studying and developing the program’s contents both through on-site learning and during off-site visits to external laboratories as well as to the CKD’s highly specialized partner companies’ facilities. The off-site visits are an essential element of the program and will help participants to better understand how to use the knitting machines to obtain the best results. Course participants will receive a custom made program focusing on their personal design strengths and interests.